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Selling your home is an involved process that affects your family and your future. Before you begin this process, you’ll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. When should you sell? How do you get the best price? What kind of renovations (if any) should be made prior to the sale? When you’re armed with the right information and an experienced real estate professional, you’ll be closer to reaching your goal – selling your home fast and for the best price! Here’s a brief step-by-step guide regarding the process of selling your home.


1. Why are you selling? Should you sell?

2. Figure out your finances – can you afford to sell? What price do you need/want to make the sale a worthwhile transaction?

3. Should you purchase a new home or rent instead? 

4. Contact your Moongate Realty Agent to start the process of selling your home.

5. What price should you sell at? Is there room for negotiation? Are you open to offers?

6. Advertise and show your property to prospective purchasers.

7. Accept an offer.

8. Hire an attorney to handle the sales and purchase agreement on your behalf.

9. Exchange contracts between both vendor and purchaser’s attorneys.

10. Complete the sale.

11. Pay off the mortgage (if any).

12. Settle up with the attorney, estate agent and any other parties.

13. Move out.

14. Settlement day and hand over the keys to the new owner. 

15. Congratulations, you have sold your home!


If you would like to have an in-depth conversation with regard to the process of selling your Bermuda home, please contact Ambika Scott at 232-2387, 735-2386 or I would be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

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